Ultrasonic Welded (Fused)


N95 & KN95 Face Masks $$

This face masks provide nose and mouth protection against dust, pollen, bacteria and more butis a tighter fit around the noe and mouth for better filtration. 

Made from Spunbound Polypropylene (SPP) with adjustable nose strip and double round head loop to give better protection to the user.

Although it is better to use the mask without a exhalation valve, we do provide both types as due to the tightness it can get a bit hot under the mask.  

Recommended use: 8 hours 

BFE/PFE: 95 %

Certificates: CE & FDA   

Packaging: Usually sold seperately in single sealed packs 

Soft & comfortable

Hypoallergenic Latex & Fiberglass free (non irritating)

Splash resistant

One size fits all:

Lightweight & Odorless


In Colours White & Blue